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Hey...Mini-Biog. Sorry,*draws in breath*, I'm Kirrazz, a blue lightning dragon who constantly earths into metalic objects and suffers great pain as the usual result.-current nemesis, the kitchen tap- I like to read, play the piano, draw and paint... and on the other end of the spectrum, enjoy heavy metal, (specifically KORN- as if you hadn't guessed), and drawing 'things'... although not half as well as I'd like... still, I'm not the strangest person to be found arround here. For those, see my 'friends' list, but BE WARNED.... *degrades into evil laughter*. No, but I'm a big softy really. *Smiles, showing VerY sharp teeth*
Oh, and an afterthought- If you want to post- POST. I'm not here often enough to meet half the people I'd like elsewise.-

I might also be mildly insane. >_>

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jacel - "kirrazz is where the fun begins, rooty-tooty-toot!"